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In today's context, choosing a product among the multi options is rather a big challenge. Every option is unique, but will function only as per its own set conditions. Products having a tempting price tag may have little UTILITY value. Else, you may have to PAY a fortune for the product that fits your need. It is always a toss between UTILITY & MONEY. Inaccess to various options handicap you to force a decision compromising either on one.

Considering above, sm net mesh - a ONE STOP SHOP for Insect Proofing, Sun/Heat Control & Blinds, has developed this unique tool to enhance your buying decision. sm net mesh has categorised all its products based on its utility values. You shall estimate the expenditure and revise many a time, till you optimise. All our measurement, FAQ & maintenance sheets will further assist you !

So, just decide on the PURPOSE & the MONEY intended to be spent. sm net mesh will take care of the rest. In case you are unable to find a suitable solution,please do send in the photo / write up / drawing through contact us sheet.

We are confident that this tool would give you enough information to choose an apt product, for your home.

We know…..only we could very well do this !

Mosquito Nets


Fiber Glass / Polymer mesh are cut as per the required size. Loop fastner is sewed on the edge with or without hem. Hook fastener is then stapled all along the perimeter of wooden frame. In case of Aluminium windows,wooden batton is fixed and then Hook is stapled.Alternatively, Self Adhesive Hook shall be used, directly.

Agriculture Nets


Shade cloth / Shadow nets are high quality knitted fabrics used for sun / heat control. The tapes have UV resistant additives giving the net durability and longevity. These are used mainly for agricultural purposes. Various domestic application have been developed such as roof tops, covering large open areas, garden



Wooden blinds are nothing but a superior version of a curtain. It is woven by using various shapes & sizes of wood sourced from environmentally aware, sustainable forests. The combination of various sizes, its stains and weaving pattern enhances range and offers something for everyone in style and for the